The Art of Authentic Storytelling with LOLO
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    LOLO has a certain way about her when she performs. Not only is she a powerhouse vocalist who has a range without a single quiver, but she's also an impactful performer who acts out, or feels, every single word that pours out of her soul. When she stopped by Baeble HQ to perform her song, "Not Gonna Let You Walk Away," there's no doubt that she had already sung that song a million times before, yet it felt like she had just written and lived out the story right before arriving. Throughout all three songs (the other two being "The Courtyard" and "I Don't Wanna Have To Lie"), she cried tears of sadness and also laughed so hard, we may have caught a couple of snorts as well. You'd think someone with a voice like that would be a guarded, natural-born diva, but she was real and passionate and slightly crazy and loud and soft and...Well, she was a natural-born artist.

    Maybe she's got the performance aspect of it down because the first gig she ever landed was the role of Ilse on the hit broadway show Spring Awakening. No big deal, right? In addition to that, she also composed her very own musical, Songbird, penned hits for Panic! At The Disco's album Death of a Bachelor, and collaborated with other artists like Matt Nathanson. When asked what the difference between writing show tunes and pop music is, LOLO felt strongly, "Obviously [Stephen] Sondheim and Britney Spears are not the same thing but I do think the theory applies there, that you're trying to tell a story. Except Sondheim told a three hour story and Britney Spears told a three and a half minute story. I think maybe that's the biggest difference."

    There was a very emotional moment when LOLO introduced "The Courtyard," "I feel like I want to sing this song today particularly because of our mothers: one who is still with us and one who is no longer with us, which is Josh's mom. But he had a really great dream about her and whenever he does that he feels awesome...I might cry. Oh God." And she actually almost did cry, pointing her head up towards the ceiling to hold back tears. As her and her guitarist Josh dove into the song, they delivered a performance chock full of authenticity and harmony. At the end, LOLO had to run out of frame because her tears seemed to be unstoppable.

    "I grew up in a small town, in Jackson, TN...I was always trying to be some version of what I thought people wanted me to be, and In Loving Memory of When I Gave a Shit is sort of where I'm at now in my life and the realization that I just can't be anyone but myself now...Get on board or move along," said LOLO on the meaning behind the title of her debut LP. And with songs like "Not Gonna Let You Walk Away" and "Heard It From A Friend," that message certainly shines through. LOLO is fully in touch with herself not only as an artist, but as a genuine human being. What she sings is real, and everyone can see it when they watch her perform.

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