Singular Artist Sevdaliza Is All The Wonderful Outlandishness You Need
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2016

    • Posted by: Ben Feit

    Sevdaliza does not share much with anything you've seen or heard before. The Iran-born, Netherlands-residing artist creates genre-defying sounds worthy of dropped jaws, closed eyes, and goosebumps. With two self-released EPs last year, she put herself on track to be a new darling of musical artistry that goes against the grain. Today, a new single and music video accompanies the announcement of Sevdaliza's debut album set for a 2017 release. "Human" is a journey through self-image over deconstructed electronic R&B - dreamy and dark with an enveloping warmth.

    Sevdaliza is self-taught in everything she does, which includes her singing, songwriting, production, and visual artistry. That's very evident in the art that she is producing, as there is an entirely enigmatic quality to what we're hearing from her. Sevdaliza's vocals are understatedly dynamic, ranging from gruff, low speech to wavering cries with a slight rasp. Down-tempo drums and full, vibrating basslines range below strings, synth, and piano, pulling extremes together into a singular experience.

    "Human" brings Sevdaliza to light in all her strange, beautiful, and serene glory. She floats over soft synth melody and an intoxicating, lethargic beat singing, "I am sweat, flaws/ I am veins, scars/ I am human/ Nothing more than human." The video put the artist and her form on literal display, visualized in a mythological sense with legs that seem to belong to a beast. It explores the male gaze, cutting to countless men's faces watching Sevdaliza from above as she dances in an arena. The visual is a thought-provoking and strikingly beautiful accompaniment to "Human."

    Sevdaliza has crafted several moving visuals to accompany her music as well as a short film released through VICE's Noisey. All music videos can be viewed on her YouTube channel, and you can see the short film "The Formula" below. Sevdaliza's 2015 EPs Children of Silk and The Suspended Kid are available everywhere. Listen to "Human" and watch the stunning video above, and look out for the album coming in 2017.

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