MO Trades in Sporty Straps For Loose Beachy Waves in New Video 'Drum'
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Ever since dropped her solo single "Drum," we've been waiting for a video. It's no secret that the song goes in the same direction as "Lean On," her massive hit with DJ Snake and Major Lazer, but would the video follow suit?

    Luckily, the Copenhagen native decided to go down a slightly different route for the video. It still features A LOT of dancing (because honestly, that is what she's best at, right after singing) but everything else is pretty different. This time it takes place on the beach-y coast. Beautiful oranges and blues contrast each other both in the sky and her outfit. Something about her seems lighter and more free-spirited - and watching it feels like taking one big deep breath. [Side note: if you watch closely, she casually walks on the wall for a second. NBD].

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