Clean Bandit Puts On An Electrifying Show At Irving Plaza
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2016

    • Posted by: Mandi Dudek

    On Monday night, I walked into Irving Plaza expecting to see a lively, energetic crowd gearing up to see a sold-out performance of UK electro-pop group, Clean Bandit. Minutes leading up to the group's scheduled set time, the crowd was particularly mellow but I would soon find out that it was only to conserve energy for the show that was ahead of us. Because Clean Bandit put on a 60-minute performance of feel-good anthems and non-stop dancing and energy - making it one of the most exhilarating intimate shows I've been to in awhile.

    Clean Bandit consists of Grace Chatto, Luke Patterson and Jack Patterson but at Irving Plaza, they were backed by guest vocalists and a band (with keys, violins, guitar and more) - all crammed onto that tiny stage. But that didn't stop them from dancing and moving on stage throughout their whole one hour set. All the members on stage were in black outfits that had metallic silver paint splatters from head to toe. Clean Bandit opened with "Stronger" off their debut album New Eyes, which immediately turned into a crowd sing-along as we all danced along.

    Clean Bandit's music is both eclectic and contemporary with deeper electronic sounds, classical strings, disco and hip-hop beats and pop melodies. Throughout their performance, every person on stage looked like they were having the best time, which spread infectious energy throughout the crowd. A big highlight of their set was when they played their new single, "Rockabye Baby" and performed a bouncy, simple choreographed dance to go with the chorus. They brought out Love Ssega to perform "Mozart's House" with them, which is an uptempo track full of happy electronic beats and strings.

    As they weaved through the tracks of New Eyes, some highlights included "Real Love" and "Extraordinary." After leaving the stage, they came back out to perform their new single, "Tears" for the first encore. Clean Bandit closed out the evening with an unforgettable performance of their first single, "Rather Be" and I'm pretty sure we all left the venue with that song still playing over in our heads.

    Clean Bandit at Irving Plaza

    Clean Bandit at Irving Plaza

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