A Soundtrack For Life: A Conversation With LIGHTS
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    "Music is a soundtrack for life."

    It seems like an obvious statement. We have love songs that remind us of exes, pop songs that bring us back to our youth, and classic rock tracks that evoke memories of long car rides with our parents. But what about the music you create for yourself?

    "...a description for everything you're going through, it should be a description of what you're going through emotionally. That's where it comes from, and it should be there as this secret partner through everything. To strip something down and put it in a different light where the words are more intimate, then maybe a moment from a song that didn't feel a certain way before, suddenly becomes more meaningful."

    For Canadian alt pop artist, LIGHTS her music is the soundtrack for her own life. That it has become the soundtrack for so many of her fans' lives is a bonus.

    LIGHTS is currently on tour with support from opener PHASES -- they'll be playing here in NYC tomorrow night at Irving Plaza. Last year saw the release of her third album, Little Machines, as well as the birth of her first child with her husband Beau Bokan, frontman of metalcore act Blessthefall.

    "This show is actually I think our best yet. We put more energy into this set than ever before...we're playing a bonus track that's actually chosen by fans...we're doing a stripped down acoustic set in the middle of the set. It's got a little bit of everything from each album. It's a beautifully flowing memorandum of all of my work."

    But LIGHTS has been doing more than touring in support of her last record. After LIGHTS released an acoustic version of her second album, Siberia, she fueled fan speculation that she would do the same thing for Little Machines and confirmed as much in our chat.

    "It's not a full record; it's a selection of songs from the EP, from the record, plus a couple of unreleased tracks which is one of my favorite songs I've ever written. It was one that was written even after all the stuff was written for Little Machines, it was just a random song I wrote and I was so proud of it. It's different than any acoustic stuff I've ever done. It's sort of stripped down...there's a string quartet and cellos; it's a late night, drunk version of Little Machines."

    Of course, touring and recording music take on a new meaning when you add motherhood to the equation. "It put things in perspective. I don't get so stressed out about the little things. It makes life a more enjoyable experience." LIGHTS didn't shy away from how much work being a parent is but highlighted how caring for the life another human being reminds you that not all of the world's problems revolve around you and how freeing that realization can be.

    When LIGHTS debut album, The Listening was released in 2009, she was only 22 years. Six years later, she's a mother and a world renowned performer selling out rock clubs across America and beyond. She's come a long way in those intervening years, and we're pretty sure she'd be pleased to know how many lives she's soundtracked in the interim.

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