Timbaland Lets The World Know How Much He Hates The Aaliyah Biopic
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    Making movie about a celebrity who has passed is a tricky thing. The casting, story and portrayal has to be on point for it to work. R&B singer, Aaliyah, was only 22 when she tragically died in a plane crash after filming her video for "Rock The Boat" in the Bahamas.

    Now over 10 years later, Lifetime has come out with a biopic of the singers life, which music producer Timbaland says is, "disrespecting." Over the weekend he took to his Instagram to let the network, the movie's producer, Wendy Williams, and anyone who watched it know exact how he feels.

    Check out the hilarious photos of his posts below. Did you watch it?

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