Grimes And Jack Antonoff Are Making Sweet Sweet Music Again
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014

    • Posted by: K. Hess

    There was a time when Grimes would have been the big name on a Jack Antonoff/Grimes collaboration. Antonoff, however, has proved himself quite the heavy hitter. As if making a name for himself in fun. and Bleachers wasn't impressive enough, he boasts production and co-writing creds on the biggest pop album of 2014: Taylor Swift's 1989. High on the list of writing partners, Antonoff has revealed a few of his favorite collaborators to be Swift, Tegan and Sara, Sara Bareilles, and Grimes.

    In an interview with the Daily Beast he cited his ability to have "a really emotional time" in the studio with Grimes as one of the reasons behind the success of their partnerships. Read the nod below:

    "I've done these sessions where they throw a bunch of writers together and have a reference for what they want to do, and it's factory-farming bullshit. But anytime I work with Taylor, or Tegan and Sara, or Sara Bareilles, or anyone I'm working with right now I was with Grimes yesterday, who I love it's just the two of us in a room having a really good time. Or a really emotional time. We're throwing around ideas and sounds so that the result is 1 + 1 = more than 2. That's why it's really cool to collaborate.

    Listen to the original Grimes/Antonoff collaboration, Bleachers' "Take Me Away":

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