Cool Buzz: Our Wildcat! Wildcat! Exclusive
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    We've been hearing about Wildcat! Wildcat! for a while now, so when the opportunity presented itself to get to know the LA-based band, we didn't hesitate to throw some Cool Buzz questions at them.

    The longtime friends, Jesse Taylor (vocals, bass), Michael Wilson (vocals, keys) and Jesse Carmichael (vocals, drums) have managed to create quite the buzz for themselves since forming in 2012. They've caught the eye of major music publications, opened for Passion Pit and toured with Alt-J, Portugal. The Man, and MS MR.

    The guys just released their debut full length album, No Moon At All, with ten tracks of sweeping indie pop melodies, charming key arrangements, and full beats to peak your interest from beginning to end.

    Check out our Q&A below.

    What is the most surprising or unexpected thing to happen to you as a band?

    When we first started writing together our goal was simply to play one show and that was it. So pretty much everything that's happened after that was unexpected. Really unexpected.

    Best life advice youve ever received that resonated with choices youve made in your career?

    "Amateurs wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get to work." - Chuck Close

    What music artist would make you fan-girl out and get nervous if put in the same room?

    Rufus Wainwright or Nick Cave. That would be ridiculous. I would have to have a lot of liquid courage to go up and say hello. I know it would end poorly.

    What song do you wish you had penned?

    The smartest choice would probably be something like Daft Punks "Get Lucky or something top 40 but I'm going to have to go with edication" by Damien Jurado and/ or "No Name #3" by Elliott Smith. They are just so god damn beautiful.

    Do you have a cat thats wild?

    Actually, I kinda do. There is this alley cat named Ben that would hang out in my attic studio in Long Beach. I would hear him get in fights in the alley and then he would come in through the gate in the attic looking super haggard. He's probably the closest thing I have to a wildcat.

    What do you think its like to wake up and be Taylor Swift? Do you think it sucks she took her entire catalogue off Spotify?

    I guess she was groomed for that life so I'm sure she's happy. I'm positive I would absolutely hate it. I'm not very outgoing and I love my personal space. In my opinion, taking her catalogue off Spotify was a horrible move. I feel as though it's mostly encouraging her fans to torrent her album not buy it.

    What makes Wildcat! Wildcat! so special?

    Oh geez I don't know if we are special." I think what makes us different is the unique combination of all of our musical tastes coming together to make something quite unique. We never really set out to make anything too specific, we like to keep the creative process pretty open.

    What ghost of musics past do you wish would haunt you?

    Jim Morrison. I just feel like he would be able to tell me everything I needed to know... about everything.

    Whats the worst thing youve ever worn on stage?

    That's easy. We were playing an event at this fashion institute so I decided to wear these xxl chambray pants with a draw string and a teal xxl shirt to match. My girlfriend made me throw them away after the show, she didn't see the fashion forward vision. I have to bring those pants back someday, they were too good.

    Do you think In-N-Out lives up to the hype? What is your ideal dream food while on tour?

    Yeah In-n-Out pretty much lives up to all expectations. It's so solid. Dream food on tour is probably anything homemade. When we have a day off we usually like to airbnb. It's so nice having a kitchen and preparing a simple meal. It's the closest thing we get to being at home.

    How often do you see someone in the crowd you want to call out for being a boring show goer (ie; sour face, not dancing, generally being lame)? Have you ever called any one out for killing a show vibe?

    Hehe. Yeah I'm actually the only one that's called anyone out at a show. It's not really the sour faces or crossed arms that bother me, it's more the talking, even more so, talking in the first few rows. We experienced this a lot on some of our bigger support tours. Usually, I let it it go but it was our last show of a month long run and my patience was fading. Basically there was a loud talker right in front of my monitor and it was driving me insane. So I decided to give him the death stare for the entire time we played "mr. Quiche," to the point that people were backing away from him because it got so awkward. Then after the song I just said something like " we are going to play our last song really fucking loud because this mother fucker in the front won't shut up." Maybe I shouldn't have said it but we had been working so hard and I felt we deserved more respect. It was actually really cool because I had a bunch of people come up to me after the show and commend me for standing up for myself and our music.

    You guys ever sky dive?

    No but I would in a heart beat!

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