New Music Video:  Black Lips
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2011

    • Posted by: Julianne Wagner

    The Black Lips jocularly embody "The Man" in the video for "Raw Meat." As crooked New York City cops, the video frames the Black Lips on duty in a black and white, 70s reminiscent groove. The song whistles in the foreground as the four boondoggle about town, debauchery always pervasive in Cole Alexander's swaggering lead vocals. And yes, the lyrics do focus on all the best foods to eat together, like "horseradish with horse meat" or sea urchins with sour cheese. "There's maggots on my teeth" is thus an astute observation. The video offers some just-mugged babes to save here, a quick arrest there, and mostly a whole bunch of fun being poked at the penal system. Bored usage of old fashioned pistols and crime scene tape worn over Cole's eyes are key jabs.

    "Raw Meat" is off the Black Lips' most recent Arabia Mountain.

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