top seven nominees for the thanksgiving theme song
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2010

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Because Adam Sandler can't have a monopoly on every holiday, we scoured the Youtube for a homemade Thanksgiving jam to be the background beat for your mashed potato. Unfortunately, the quest was a lot harder than we thought it'd be. Read on if you like turkey, rapping, robots, and a whole lot of embarrassment. Headphones up.

    The nominees for 2010:

    #1: The Thanksgiving Rap

    Do you know how many things pop up when you search for "Thanksgiving Rap"? Too many. Why does everyone think Thanksgiving is a rap holiday? Also, not sure where the robots factor in at Plymouth Rock but I actually quite enjoy a good round of "Bolts and Hoes". More whiskey!

    #2: The Thanksgiving Song (Eat On)

    Don't be deceived, it's still a rap number. But the chorus is EPIC(ally familiar?). "Bread muffin/turkey stuffin'/better say grace or you won't get NOTHING". Just like Steven Tyler has it in all of his drawings.

    #3: The Turkey Song

    Adults made this?

    #4: Turkey In Your Belly Time

    Of course this exists. No meme is safe from Thanksgiving.

    #5: Rappy McRapperson "Thankgsiving Sucks"

    I think this might just be a honorary mention for making real use of the name "Rappy McRapperson", because this sh*t is depressing. Even Andy Samburg passed on this one like "nah dude, I make some terrible shorts but this takes the triple decker cake, Rappy." We've definitely all had problems at Kinkos though! Empathy face.

    #6: The Thanksgiving Song That Almost Wasn't

    Hipsters, we found your vote. Does anyone else remember this? The best I could find was this cam shot of a TV but this might be the only legitimate find in this quest. WE ARE NOT STACKING THE DECKS. THIS IS A FAIR FIGHT.

    #7: The Official 2010 Thanksgiving Theme Song

    There can be only one, but I think this guy might have been a little premature with his title.


    That's all folks. Vote for your favorite! We'll announce the winner on Thanksgiving. Or don't vote and follow me out the window. I wonder if you can OD on tryptophan?

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