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    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2010

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    Photo by Eloy Anzola via NYC Taper.

    The beautiful, quirky Oh Land has been on the tip of everyone's tongue lately. On Monday night she blew up the Mercury Lounge, but last week, she brought her full electric set to the always excellent Brooklyn Bowl, complete with balloons and typical Oh Land outfits. We caught that show. I could wax poetic about her charming demeanor and her consistent gyrating, but I can also show you!

    The whole ordeal was put on by Backyard Brunch, a popular new music series/blog based in Brooklyn. The blog had NYC Taper snag some audio, and brought in a camera crew to document Oh Land's set. Watch "Turn It Up" below:

    Looks and talent: a formidable combination of assets. Seems like a long time since we saw an off-the-wall "Audition Day" performance (link not found) and pondered her potential.

    In case all this isn't enough Oh Land for you, she's got an EP out, and made a very memorable appearance on the Baeble roof for a Guest Apartment. Keep your eyes on Oh Land, not that it's particularly difficult to do so. -joe puglisi

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