the twitter (and facebook) hookup: super furry animals
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2009

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    Dark Days are ahead of you, guys. Especially if you tweet, and we know you do, so don't try hiding at Grandmas! But Baeble, she can't even work the toaster to make gravy! Huh? Luckily for you, those Dark Days are also Light Years away. Get it? Because Super Furry Animals want you to have free stuff! Like their album Dark Days/Light Years! Details after the jump!

    We recently filmed the psychedelic rockers Super Furry Animals on the glamorous west side of Manhattan at The Highline Ballroom. Tell your friends, and have them tell their friends, and tell your enemies even, but do so through Facebook and/or Twitter, and you will totally be entered to win an LP copy of Dark Days/Light Years, the latest studio album from our Furry friends!

    e.g. @friend: hey yo RT @baeblemusic SUPERFURRY HYPERLINK TO SHOW! roftl dudes hot music

    It's that easy! Or just read the instruction manual below.

    To enter:
    1. Follow Baeblemusic at
    2. Tweet @BaebleMusic with a link to the Super Furry Animals concert. Use the URL for convenient, character saving measures
    3. Or if you prefer FB, leave a comment on our Facebook letting us know what you think of the concert
    4. That's it! Good luck!

    Contest ends Wednesday, November 25th.. Tweet, drink and be merry. -joe puglisi

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    Concert: Super Furry Animals at the Highline Ballroom

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