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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2009

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    Ready for a most generic kind of marketing push from our music video department? OK! Here it is...Today we're celebrating TWO FOR TUESDAYS! (queue our best monster truck rally voice), with this buy one get one pair of videos (there is nothing to buy...just watch) from Scott Spiral Stairs' latest release The Real Feel, released last month on Matador. We figured you should probably get your fill of Stairs' most recent solo project. After all, the Pavement co-founder will soon have his hands tied with all those reunion thingies.

    In our first video for "Cold Change", a has been rocker gives a pack of glamorous Hollywood types a cannonball to remember.

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    That's followed by "Stolen Pills"; a mad, POV piece of video that shows a dude rummaging through a house for a cure to what ails him. - David Pitz

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    Spiral Stairs on Tour

    Nov 20 - The Tractor - Seattle, Washington

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