The Lumineers' Latest Video for 'Sleep On The Floor' Will Break Your Heart (But Also Mend It)
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    The Lumineers' latest video for "Sleep On The Floor" is one of the most captivating videos we've watched yet, as we follow the story of a young couple who go on the adventure that is life. We see them during their ups and downs - road tripping, fighting, shopping, getting lost - but there are a couple of things that differentiate this video from all of the cliche "couple falls in love and gets married" plots.

    The way it's shot manages to keep you captivated throughout the entire thing. Instead of slowly plowing through each scene, it quickly flashes a few seconds of each. Even though we only get a two second taste, we completely understand the feel and it all makes sense.

    Another reason why this video is so special is because it's actually linked to the first two videos that they released off of Cleopatra, the album's title track and "Ophelia." Even though the three videos are clearly connected, fans aren't sure what the storyline is yet, but the band will be conducting a Facebook Live Q&A before their Poland show to talk about exactly that. Tune in tomorrow at 9am PST HERE.

    Watch the Q+A now:

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