Cashmere Cat's Video for 'Trust Nobody' Ft. Selena Gomez Embodies Trust and Elegance
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2016

    • Posted by: Nick Chow

    Cashmere Cat released a stunning video for his song "Trust Nobody" featuring Selena Gomez and Canadian hip hop artist Tory Lanez.

    The idea of trust that's heard in Cashmere Cat's song is perfectly captured here. A dancer blindly falls from scaffolding to scaffolding while relying on the rest of the troupe to catch her - being very open and honest with herself. Usually the goal in most music videos is to make sure none of the lights, mics, or cameras off frame are seen. If the set is revealed, then the illusion is broken. But nothing is being hidden from us in CC's video. Instead of hiding the platforms' scaffolding, it is simply allowed to exist with the mountain range behind it. Instead of spotlights, we rely on the sunset's light to outline the silhouettes of the dancers. The video is also taken in one shot, giving you no choice but to appreciate everything all at once. It's simple, willingly vulnerable, and goes perfectly with the track.

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