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    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2010

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    Here's an absolute rush of a concert, courtesy of a feisty foursome from Birmingham England. Deluka are a sweaty, club ready outfit that hone the kind of musical chops that could kick start any evening in the right direction...which makes their culminating role at our recent day party at the Bowery Electric last month pretty appropriate. During their set, the band planted an intense rock/punk foundation, while cascading blips of electronics washed over those before them like some immense, synthetic waterfall. It was an invigorating blend, and with Ellie Innocenti adding her own melodious touch, was whisked to stratospheric new heights over the course of the performance. For those who were there, the set played like a wave of nocturnal goodness...the fuel that no doubt pushed them through the rest of their wild, New York night. Whatever they found outside of our doors, rest assured it didn't match the intensity of this set by Deluka. Once again, it's a good thing we had the cameras rolling. Relive it now.

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    Deluka Play The Bowery Electric

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