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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2009

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    Photography by Joe Puglisi. Check out more photos from this show and others HERE.

    In case you missed the pictures go up last Thursday, I had the privilege of seeing moody country-singer Jessica Lea Mayfield do her thing at Webster Hall with mentor Dan Auerbach. Her goofy dancing sidekick/guitarist was a ton of fun, but he seemed a bit contradictory to Mayfield's generally ominous, emotionally charged music. Even though she's young (born in 1989!) she writes a mean ballad about love and relationships... probably the reason Auerbach sought her out a few years ago.

    I met some Black Keys fans hanging by the front of the stage, and they were all pleasantly surprised to see how affecting Mayfield's music could be. One guy had heard her record, which I championed last year, and he agreed it was "good stuff." It didn't take her long to play my personal favorite "good stuff," (the tune she played first) "I'm Not Lonely Anymore;" a short, sweet burst of melancholy from the days when Mayfield was first recording with Auerbach. That was all I needed to really get into the show. Justin Townes Earle provided support as well for Auerbach, but I missed most of his set hanging out with Jessica in the green room and chatting about her music (feature to be published soon). For now, check out the pictures below.

    With Blasphemy So Heartfelt is out now, and it definitely warrants a purchase. -joe puglisi

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    Pictures: Jessica Lea Mayfield at Webster Hall
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