Michael Jackson Returns
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2006

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    Holy God, this pic is scaryThe King of Pop hasn't really been "in power" for years, but Michael Jackson's performance at the World Music Awards was enough to drive all of Earl's Court into hysterics.

    It's been over twenty years since Jackson released Thriller, the biggest selling album of all time. He appeared at the World Music Awards (his first public appearance in Britain since 1996) to accept the prestigious Diamond Award, but plans to perform the title song from Thriller were scrapped due to Jackson's reported stagefright. Singer Chris Brown – who wasn't born until six years after the album was released – performed "Thriller" instead.

    Jackson did manage to channel his inner superstar and perform several lines from "We Are the World" alongside a youth choir. Remember when he did the same basic thing for Super Bowl XXVII in '93? That was kinda cool. This kinda wasn't. But it's still good to see an unparalleled icon return to the spotlight, even if he does look like a sparkly extra from the "Planet of the Apes" remake.

    To see Jacko during his better days, check out this performance from the 1988 Grammy Awards.

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