'Why God Why': Father John Misty on Being Covered on 'The Voice'
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Recently on NBC's The Voice, a contestant on Miley Cyrus' team, Aaron Gibson, thought it'd be a good idea to cover "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings," one of the hottest tracks off of Father John Misty's Fear Fun. Why, why, why did he think that would be a good call? Don't people on that show have to cover songs by artists like Janis Joplin or Aerosmith? Gibson couldn't just stick with "All Of Me" by John Legend or something? When you cover Misty, you better prepare yourself for all of the too-cool-hipster-music-loving-internet-trolls to come at you. Maybe even Misty himself.


    Yup, shortly after the episode aired, Misty responded on Facebook with a shameful "why God why" and then deleted it. He knows screen shots exist though, right? Of course he does! He's a smart man. This is probably all part of the pre-album cycle plan. #conspiracy #conspiracy #conspiracy

    However after deleting the post, he continued to talk about it via Facebook and hasn't deleted these yet:

    Misty - what are you saying? Are you supporting The Voice? Are you supporting Trump or Bernie? Is there a new album coming out? Whatever you're saying, we love you know matter what...And more importantly, whatever you're on, we want some of it.

    Watch Gibson's cover below:

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