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    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2010

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    Transference is easily one of the top albums of the year (for this writer anyway), so video for Brit and the boys set to "Nobody Gets Me But You" is uber-welcome, even if it's been filmed in the insufferable "surveillance" style all the kids are doing these days. We can't fault Spoon, because there is a legit cool back-story.

    Words about the video from Brit Daniels via Drowned In Sound:

    It was pretty easy really. I went to see Eddie Current play at the Cake Shop in New York this past summer and there was this amazing security camera-type shot of the stage that was played behind the bar. The bar's on the same floor as the stage but it's so narrow in there and it was so crowded that the security cam was how a lot of people ended up watching the show.

    I was watching it there about half the time. Anyway it looked amazing. I don't know why. So my idea was to just record us doing a show at the Cake Shop on that camera and save it as a document. I got talked into using more cameras but we rented some that were like the one at the Cake Shop. We shot it at noon and just let anybody in who wanted to come. Nice afternoon in New York City.

    Sounds suspiciously how we like to spend our afternoons here at Baeble. APPROVED.

    The video:

    Nobody gets me like Spoon. Remember, Transference makes a great stocking stuffer for those late-to-the-party types! -joe puglisi

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