Back To Black: Winehouse's Woeful Week Continues
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2007

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    You’d think a 17-date tour would be just what Amy Winehouse might need to pick herself back up from the quite literal blow she was dealt last week. Instead, the opening night of her tour in Birmingham England was met by a cascade of fuming fans booing the boozy babe singer, and finally walking out of her performance…and with good reason. Though taking the stage a half hour late is hardly reason to rant (if there is one thing she has taught her audience, it is to expect this much), stumbling through four songs, slurring her words, and looking utterly lost throughout the performance generally don’t go over well with an audience that has paid premium pounds to witness what is suppose to be one of the most talented vocalists of our time. Said one onlooker, “She fell into the guitar stand and dropped the microphone -- it was atrocious. The song dedicated to her husband was so bad it was like swinging a cat round your head." Added Birmingham music critic Andy Coleman, it was “one of the saddest nights of my life. I saw a supremely talented artist reduced to tears, stumbling around the stage and, unforgivably, swearing at the audience."

    That last bit of info refers to the brain dead banter sadly spit out in reaction to all this. Snapping, "Let me tell you something. First of all, if you're booing, you're a mug for buying a ticket.” True I suppose. But continuing “Second, to all those booing, just wait till my husband gets out of incarceration -- and I mean that." doesn’t douse any of the flames her performance ignited. And as if that were not enough, Winehouse capped her evening off with an “abbreviated” version of “Valerie”. Descending in to chaos, Winehouse stopped singing, dropped her microphone, and stumbled off the stage after a measly forty minutes.

    And to that, all we can really say is, “Get Ready to Live Glasgow!” Winehouse plays the Scottish city tomorrow evening. - David Pitz

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