King Princess and Spotify bring Humanity and Love into focus with
    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2018

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Mikaela Straus otherwise known as "King Princess" burst large into my headphones early this year with "1950." I heard the song on some random Spotify playlist and it stopped me in my tracks and I had to play it several times over and then shared it immediately with most people I knew. The song felt special and distinct and I had no idea who "King Princess" was. A little digging in the office revealed that this was "Queer Pop" and based in the deeply personal experiences and emotions of this remarkable young woman.

    As a middle-aged man, the intense gender politics of today whizzes right by me. I just don't care who you sleep with or the gender you assign to yourself or what bathroom you use. We are all the same under the sun and only here for a very short time so let's just celebrate difference as just that, not in terms of "Good" or "Bad." My point is – "Queer Pop" is a limiting descriptor in this case, and my bet is there is something larger and special developing here with King Princess. Since "1950" exploded, She has continued to fill my musical inbox with distinct songs all worth listening to more than once.

    Spotify yesterday released a video short as part of their "Rise" new artist discovery series meant to introduce us to new artists. King Princess's piece is a dive into emotion and an exploration of what is love that is beautiful touching and universal.

    "Love is looking out in the same direction"

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