The 10 Best Tove Lo Songs
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    Tove Lo is an unstoppable force in pop music. She has an outright honesty that makes for exceptionally authentic material. She writes and sings with full ownership and lack of apologies. She sings about the highs, the lows, and everything in between. And we're excitedly anticipating her third album Blue Lips, out on Friday! While we wait, we're pumping ourselves up with a bunch of her past jams. Let's take a look at 10 of our favorites from the electro-pop Queen of Hits!

    1. Disco Tits

    This is the lead single off of her upcoming album, Blue Lips. So the album is already off to a pretty amazing start. Tove Lo has always been pretty sexually open, but more so than ever here in this song, with lyrics like "I'm wet through all my clothes, I'm fully charged." In an interview with Billboard, she said "It's about losing yourself with your number one partner in crime." Also, the Muppet-themed video is amazing by itself!

    2. Talking Body

    This is some more signature Tove Lo with an electropop pulse and seductive lyrics. Its smokin' hot vibes will surely have you dance floor-ready.

    3. Vibes (feat. Joe Janiak)

    One of my favorite Tove Lo collaborations, right off of Tove Lo's sophomore album Lady Wood. The song starts off with more of an acoustic flare, but quickly transitions into something more club-centric. All around cool vibes.

    4. Habits (Stay High)

    You've definitely heard this hit. This is what sent her soaring into stardom, turning heads everywhere. Tove Lo doesn't shy away from any unpleasant details that come with numbing problems, with lyrics "I get home, I got the munchies, binge on all my Twinkies…" Been there before?

    5. Say It (feat. Tove Lo)

    Flume and Tove Lo together seems like a no-brainer. When you pair up an EDM pioneer and electropop goddess, the results are extraordinary.

    6. Cool Girl

    Fun fact: the song's lyrics were inspired by Gone Girl! Remember, that creepy film where the psycho wife of Ben Affleck disappears?! Tove Lo told Rolling Stone, "Why do we try to be someone we're not to make someone love us? Would you want to fake yourself for the rest of your life? That's fucked up. Even though she's creepy, I kind of thought it was funny that it's just very common to see that."

    7. Moments

    This song is powerful and therapeutic. Tove Lo sings "I can't be the perfect one" and "I'm not the prettiest you've ever seen." Nobody's perfect. A cliched but ever so relatable and comforting statement.

    8. Heroes (we could be)

    Another great message under synth-pop glory. Tove Lo teamed up with Swedish DJ/producer Alesso for this late-night jam and it went to number one on the US dance chart. It's spellbinding.

    9. Not On Drugs

    Tove Lo is not on drugs, she's just in love, okay? But the two feelings can feel the same, as Tove Lo sings. This mid-tempo song has a dark-pop thrust that feels surreal. It's another showstopper from the self-declared Queen of the Clouds.

    10. Over

    Off of her EP Truth Serum, this song puts me in pop paradise. It's also pretty sad and cathartic, so a good one when you just want to cry it out.

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