Beyonce's Best Music Videos, Rated
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    Whatever Beyonce does we will love. She has been the voice of an entire generation. Growing up with her music has altered the way in which I, and I'm sure many others, view themselves and the world around them. She is continuously pushing boundaries and experimenting with the music video concept in ways not many artists have. With fresh ideas and interpretations on conventions that seem old and outdated, Bey remains one step ahead at all times. It was difficult to decide on a mere ten of her best videos, but here they are in all of their glory.

    10. Deja Vu ft. Jay Z

    Although one of Beyonce's least extravagant videos, she still stuns us with her styling and scenic backdrops. The entire video is just Bey dancing amongst all of these amazingly green locations, but it works. The natural world behind her enhances her position as the centre of attention, whilst creating a level of contrast from her stylised appearance. However, the shots with Jay Z take away from the rest of the video, he doesn't fit right with the image already formed. The editing between shots does in fact distract us from his awkwardness, and refocuses our attention on our much loved bae.. Bey.

    9. Bootylicious

    One of the most notable music videos of the early 2000's, Destiny Child's iconic style is at its best. With perfect color coordination and crazy outfit choices, "Bootylicious" is a timeless classic. The choreographed dancing is trademark Bey, but when all three women are bustin' the moves, it's fascinating to watch. This video is quite experimental in many ways, especially in its aspect ratio changes, from thin long images to widescreen shots, giving it a more edgy tone. The mixture of editing and wild colors keeps us watching, waiting, and wanting more.

    8. Crazy In Love

    Bey instantly emits a powerful energy in this video, the lyrics are expressed in the dancing and it becomes just as exhilarating. The shots of skyscrapers and dusty alleyways give the impression of a hardened exterior, she's tough and handling herself. The fire explosion juxtaposes the rain, showing the various sides to Bey and her emotional turmoil within the song.

    7. Partition

    By far one of her most sexual videos, "Partition" elicits the ownership of female sexuality. The quality of the video is extremely high, with extravagant jewels and costumes to convey her wealth and status. The video gradually unfolds to reveal more of Bey's desires, as she breaks free from her societal restraints and becomes the sexually empowered woman. The silhouetted figures and leopard print lighting screams sex, the entire video does, but it's her performance that tells us she's in charge, and this is what she wants us to see.

    6. Telephone

    Despite being Lady Gaga's track, Beyonce makes a vital guest appearance, without her the video would be nowhere near as captivating. The costume design adds to the video's level of fun -- they're clearly exaggerated and stand out from the rather bland set locations. Unlike many of her other videos, this one follows a traditional narrative structure, where we follow these women on their murder mission. It's a dark comedy with eccentric character development in a matter of a few minutes. Gaga and Bey bring their personalities to the table, joining forces to create an excellent short film.

    5. Single Ladies

    The video that won her one of her many Grammy Awards, "Single Ladies" has gained a cult following over the years. Such a simple idea; three women in leotards dancing in high heels, how could this be engaging for three whole minutes? The answer is because it's Beyonce. The choreography alone is incredible, but the added difficulty of stilettos makes it admirable. The shots aren't even experimental or weird, and the black and white color grade spells boring, which is why it is the complete opposite.

    4. Run The World (Girls)

    With actual hyenas and the amount of dancing extras, there is no doubt this video had a ridiculously high budget. The opening shot of Bey on a black stallion in the middle of the desert gives an entirely different vibe from the minutes that follow. It's regal and feminine before launching into the dystopian world where women run the world. The women are dancing in front of the cowering men, intimidating them as more and more women join their forces. The narrative is simple, the men are trying to get rid of the women, but the power of the women inevitably prevails.

    3. Why Don't You Love Me

    The tale of a 50's homemaker and her struggles to get her man to appreciate all of her amazing qualities. We slowly watch as she she continues her daily routine but becomes desperate and slinks into a manic mindset. The narrative is engaging on its own, but paired with the aesthetic, it forms an encapsulating picture. Yet again Bey uses elaborate costumes and design to entice viewers, but this time they're specific to an era where we can relate and sympathise.

    2. Blow

    With neon lights, 80's attire, and choreographed roller skating, "Blow" is an ode to an era of stylized music videos. It is by far one of the most visually appealing videos Bey has done. The colors beneath the incandescent lights are mesmerizing, along with the sped up movements, it's an erratic 80's roller party, and who doesn't love those?

    1. Formation

    By far her most politically charged music video to date, "Formation" tackles the pain and suffering endured by people of color over the centuries. The choice to film in one of the oldest plantation houses, a symbol for white colonialist power, reiterates the lyrics of the song and the empowerment of those oppressed. It's remains groundbreaking in the way it depicts police and police brutality. The submerged police car with Bey on top infers this idea of taking back her culture and standing up for those who have been silenced. The short cut aways to VHS footage adds an element of grit to the video, which helps enhance her message throughout. And of course, "Formation" is associated with every portion of Lemonade in our minds, so you know, other videos like "Hold Up" and "Sorry" are also excellent.

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