BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Blue Collar Blues' by Mouths of Babes
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Today we're premiering the new song "Blue Collar Blues" from Americana duo Mouth of Babes (Ingrid Elizabeth and Tylan Greenstein of Coyote Grace and Girlyman). The track is off of their forthcoming full-length, Brighter In The Dark, set to drop on January 27th, 2017. The guitars are equally as warm as the vocals and overall, it's a low key anthem that will get your boots stomping.

    "It's about seduction," says the duo. "It's about the choice between buttoned-up or fast and loose. And underneath the playful ultimatums, it's also about class issues. Calling the song 'Blue Collar Blues' doesn't mean I speak for all people who identify as such. But between growing up in a working class family in the rural midwest and later living on an organic farm with a bunch of aging hippies in Sonoma county, I speak from my own experience of having only a homegrown, irreverent, boot-strap life to offer someone who likely has other well-groomed, well-bred options. Luckily for me, the propositions set forth in this song have had a pretty good success rate."

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