The Colourist Lido EP
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2013

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    If only it wasn't November. That's my first thought when plugging into The Colourist's debut EP, Lido. Granted, it's my fault. The snappy, four-song collection of self-described "majestic jungle rock" was available back in August, when the Southern Californian band's sun-streaked, squinty-eyed anthems would have fared nicely flowing from my speakers on a road trip, a weekend rooftop hang, or just in the ear buds on the way to work. These are so obviously summer songs, awash in hazy synths, laser-like guitars, and rousing girl-guy sing-alongs. File this one away until May? Not so fast...

    Underneath an upbeat push of happiness is the grayer pull of subject matter; careful singing along with these songs, you might not realize what you're celebrating. Lead single "Little Games" is catchy as can be, aiming straight for the commercial radio dial. In doing so it'll probably one day bring a story of no good cheating hearts along with it. That's the band's main trick, it seems. Singers Adam Castilla and Maya Tuttle might sound on top of the world, but they're actually acting out the romantic drama that trickles through a warm, synthetic sheen (on paper, anyway. Not sure about real life). It's these two who stay up all night trying to work things out in "Fix This", it's these two who, despite the percolating punch of the tune, cope with doubt and external forces trying to pry them apart in "Yes Yes".

    So what to make of such a gooey glob of delicious pop with its unsuspecting aftertaste then? Sure they sound like warm weather anthems. But warm weather flings sometimes hit the skids around this time of year, taking their victims into a winter social slumber. If you find yourself in this position...boy, do I have a collection of songs for you.

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