The Winners, Losers, And Trapped In The Bathroom-ers Of The EMAs
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    The MTV Europe Music Awards were held last night in London for the first time since 1996 and return to the capital was a star-studded affair. There were some big winners (Shawn Mendes) and big losers (Taylor Swift), but like any good show, some of the best moments weren't during the award presentations. Here's our cheers and jeers, best-and-worst moments, and wrap-up of this year's EMAs.

    BEST: Stormzy gets stuck on the loo.

    Stormzy had a good night, taking home the Worldwide Act Award for the U.K. and Ireland and performing "Big For Your Boots" to a full house. It seems though that during his, uhh, preparations, Stormzy ran into a spot of trouble. While going about his business in a bathroom stall, the grime rapper realized he had accidentally gone into the women's bathroom, and snapchatted his dilemma for all to experience. He was able to get a friend to cover him on the way out, but not before delivering one of the snaps of the year.

    BEST: Eminem opens the night with a comeback.

    It's been four years since Em released his last album, and while we were certainly excited about his Donald Trump freestyle, we've all been anxiously awaiting some new material. So it was pretty awesome to see him come out first to perform his new track "Walk on Water" alongside Skylar Grey. There's been plenty of talk and speculation, but it seems like we'll (hopefully) be seeing Revival drop this Friday.

    WORST: Eminem winning best hip-hop.

    Look, I have nothing against Em, as I said above, it was awesome to see his performance of "Walk on Water". But it feels a little cheap to give the best hip-hop award to the guy who released one track (three days ago at that) in the last four years. I kind of feel like Kendrick Lamar got snubbed a bit, and even Em thought it was a little weird, saying, "I'm not really sure how I got this, because I haven't had an album out in a few years. I got one coming, though."

    WORST: Where was Beyonce?

    As many stars as there were last night, there was a notable absence in the form of the Queen Bey. Beyonce didn't appear at the show, and wasn't on stage with Eminem to perform "Walk on Water", which she is featured on. Skylar Grey still killed it, naturally, but it left more than a few of us scratching our heads. Bey was missed, but at least we got a first look this weekend at the adorable twins.

    BEST: Julia Michaels' performance.

    For years she's been one of the most influential people behind-the-scenes in the music industry, and now she's fully stepping out into the spotlight. Songwriter-turned-solo artist Julia Michaels performed last night alongside Clean Bandit, Zara Larsson and Anne-Marie in a stunning three-song medley of Clean Bandit's singles from their upcoming full-length. She also was nominated for Best New and Best Push, and, oh, today's her birthday as well, so it's been a pretty good couple of days for the up-and-coming star.

    WORST: 30 Seconds to Mars winning best alternative.

    First of all, I'm going to need someone to explain to me why Jared Leto was dressed like the mayor of Whoville last night. He looked like Cam Newton at a press conference after a particularly bad concussion. And speaking of concussions, the voters must have been concussed, because 30 Seconds to Mars beating out Lorde, Lana Del Rey, The xx and Imagine Dragons for best alternative is a complete snub.

    BEST: Travis Scott's performance.

    Travis Scott brought along the giant, red-eyed mechanical bird which has been a staple of his shows this year along to London last night. Only instead of lurking around like it normally does, it was front and center, with Scott riding and performing atop it. Style points and best in show go to him.

    WORST: Taylor Swift missing out.

    Taylor Swift wasn't in attendance last night and apparently neither was the love for her. Taylor received the most nominations, but walked away completely empty handed. Swifties everywhere are already crying foul, and citing her not attending for the lack of awards.

    BEST: Shawn Mendes winning big.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Shawn Mendes made of like a thief in the night, taking home Best Artist, Best Song and Biggest Fans. He also performed his winning song, "There's Nothing Holding Me Back", during the ceremony. Mendes is only 19 years old, and is probably going to need to invest in some more shelf space in the future.

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