BAEBLE BAE ALERT: Anthony Green, Impeccably Cool, Forever The Man
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    We've got a new Baeble Bae alert and I know what you're thinking... Of course a guy can write one of these. Haven't you ever heard of a "bromance"? Like the Thunderdome, there's no rules for a Man Crush Monday or Bae Alert, so here I am.

    And boy oh boy, am I ready to spill my guts about my love for Anthony Green.

    *Long and slow wolf whistle*

    I remember being a little wannabe baby emo back in the eighth grade when I first heard those sweet, sweet vocals, definitely no older than 12 or 13 years old. Circa Survive's first full-length, Juturna, was just released and those surreal and melancholic riffs of "The Great Golden Baby" came through my speakers. Seconds later, as Green's vocals came in I remembered thinking to myself, "who is this chick?". Yes, his voice can get high, and he absolutely nails it.

    I absolutely devoured that album, and every album Circa Survive released after it. It's really crazy to take a look at the ever-shifting nature of my music tastes in the 13 years since then and see that Circa Survive is still there. Bands and fads have come and gone, my tastes have changed then come back and then changed again, and yet I still find myself listening to Green and Circa Survive. I can honestly use Circa Survive as a tape measure for my life, marking off and remembering where I was and what I was doing in my life according to which album I was jamming hard at the time.

    But what's really interesting when you look at it is the fact that I only discovered Anthony Green in roughly the middle of his music career. He has been a prolific musician and songwriter from the start, and only listening to Circa Survive means that you miss out on some of the absolute gems that he's produced. I mean, just look at all the different projects he's been part of in the Spotify list.

    His high school band Audience of One had the same raw and passionate spirit that you hear in his songs today, and you can almost hear the framework for the skramz/midwest-emo revival that came about in the late 2000's. There's almost no genre, no sound that he hasn't explored and absolutely slayed. He's done bubbly-punk with Zolof The Rock and Roll Destroyer, frenetic progg/experimental with The Sound of Animals Fighting, classic "makes you want to headbutt a window" metalcore with Jeer At Rome, twinkle-daddy emo with High and Driving, post-hardcore with Saosin, and of course the ever-changing, psychedelic sonic madness that is Circa Survive. Oh, and his solo stuff is also incredible. Learn to play "Babygirl" on the guitar for your crush and tell me how it works out for you.

    The one thing that really stands out to me about him though is his absolutely dynamic personality and presence on stage. Green is one of the very few singers that I can say sounds as good live as he does recorded. Circa Survive made a special appearance in the Baeble studio recently, and it was incredible.

    I also got the chance to catch them live back in 2010 while they were touring Blue Sky Noise and it was mind-blowing. Just look at the picture I took below. Ignore the quality, it was taken on a Droid in 2010 after all, but that's cuffing material indeed.

    I remember pushing my way through the crowd to get to the stage, and when I finally did, I found the last few inches blocked by two enormous dudes who knew better than to stand up front blocking everyone's view. So I did only what was natural, and pushed myself off their shoulders and up toward Anthony, frantically waving and screaming at him. He caught my hand, and held on to me for several seconds, all while singing "I Felt Free" eye-to-eye with me. I swear I didn't wash that hand for a week, and probably won't ever fan-boy that hard again. Except for when I cover them this weekend with Thrice, CHON and Balance and Composure. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

    I mean, what else can I say about Anthony Green? He's a musical genius, an inspiration, and a pretty great guy outside the music world as well. Did I mention he's got an adorable family as well?

    Ritual #reallove #realmagic #littlegods

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    Like, just look at that All-American family man.

    Bonita getting me all worked up for the show tonight. #reallove #realmagic

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    Can't I just have his life?

    Miami! Let's dance @circasurvive photo by @miaconte #realmagic #musicworship #toursgiving

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    Shouts out to the hunkiest man to ever take the stage.

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