Ariana and the Rose to Host Immersive Music Event 'light + space'
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Concerts, theatre, and disco are all fun things in the world of music, but what happens when you combine the three? You get something pretty magical. About a year or so ago, innovative indie pop singer Ariana and the Rose took it upon herself to create an event like no other, and now she's bringing it back to House of YES in Brooklyn, NY this week on Thurs, 11/16.

    Combining the three aforementioned art forms plus a large amount of glitter, light + space will offer up tons of dancing, friend-making, and other activities. Oh yeah, and more glitter. According to Ariana, the hope is that, with all of the multi-sensory things, "people [will] feel like their day to day world has melted away." The event will include a performance by Ariana and the Rose as well as DJ sets from Penguin Prison and Horrorchata. We had the opportunity to dive in deeper and ask Ariana some questions about it, which you can read below.

    So, light + space is an "immersive live music party." Can you explain that a little bit more?

    light + space is equal parts immersive theater, a music concert, and a futuristic disco. The concept of the event is to combine these three mediums inside of a galactic party to transport people out of whatever is going on in their lives, whether that's for a moment or an hour. About 8 cosmic characters and spontaneous bursts of theater are threaded throughout the evening, which ultimately leads into our live show and then a DJ set. It's going to be a really fun night!

    What can people attending expect to see? What do you hope for them to take away from this experience?

    My hope is for people to feel like their day to day world has melted away while they're dancing in our world. We have activations like a glitter bar and virtual reality experiences as well as performances happening around the entire space all night long, a live concert and DJ sets from Penguin Prison and Horrorchata. The event is very multi-sensory and spans across many mediums from dance, to music, to theater and is ultimately a really fun glitter filled party.

    Like you said, the show combines dance, music, and theatre. What in your background inspired that? Was there a moment where you decided, "this is what I want to do"?

    I began my career in theater and was introduced to the worlds of immersive and devised theater while I was at NYU. I transitioned into music full time and have been touring the past couple years while always seeing these kinds of shows and the work my friends have been making, which made me think that someone should be applying this kind of creative to a concert. Audiences are really in a place to be challenged and pushed, which is what I love about immersive theater, so bringing those elements into a music setting just feels like another way to adjust the boundaries that people have become comfortable with when seeing shows.

    How long did it take to put this together?

    We did a version of the show last year in London and after that I decided to take time to really build it properly. It was important to find a creative team who understood the vision for the show and then take the time to really flush out all of the ideas. I've been working it for about a year and a half but have had the idea to do it for a few years. I was touring with my band at the time and it was important to me that the band have a platform before diving into the show. Now, I feel like the two projects can live on their own and together, which is exciting to have them weave into themselves and also have audiences discover them separately.

    Any interesting anecdotes from past shows?

    We had an amazing voguer named Theo at our last event. We turned a small green room into this gold cave, covered in gold mylar and glitter and he was in the middle of the room, shrouded in gold sequined fabric. The door was unmarked, so a lot of people would think it was the toilet, and when they opened the door it was as if they opened it to another dimension, he'd just be in there dancing! It was so amazing watching people's faces as they realized what as happening. Theo is an unreal performer as well, playing with the audience while vogueing all the while. By the end of the night, there was a line of people waiting to just peek into the room, it was amazing.

    Where do you see this event going in the future? Do you plan to take it to a larger-scale level?

    I'd love to make the event a monthly party and grow it into a community. My hope for light + space has always been for it to be a place for people to meet each other and make new friends and share unique experiences together. I'd love to ask two people where they met and have the answer be "at light + space!" It's so important now to be creating safe spaces for people to feel free to express themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. My goal with the event is to build that place for people and ultimately take it other cities and expand that community.

    light + space takes place at House of Yes in Brooklyn, NY this Thursday, 11/16. See more event details and tickets here. Listen to Ariana and the Rose's latest single below.

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