11 Australian Musicians You Need to Listen to in 2017
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Rachael Morrow

    Australia has produced some of the greatest artists (ahem -- Tame Impala, AC/DC, Crowded House), and we will never let the world forget them. Now that they've made themselves known on the global stage, the newcomers in the industry have a platform to stand on and show off their talents. Here are a few of the best up and coming artists from the big desert island; give them a listen and gain an insider's perspective on the mysterious Aussie culture (yeah guys, I'm Australian).

    1. Ecca Vandal

    South African born with Sri Lankan heritage, Ecca Vandal emits a grungy Gwen Stefani presence. Her music is aggressive and powerful with hooks that keep listeners coming back for more. She continues to produce hit after hit, drawing inspiration from her cultural heritage and twisting that into modern electronic rock. She's already conquered the Australian music scene, it's now time for her to make an impression internationally.

    2. The Harpoons

    A funky pop band with a twist, The Harpoons have been doing the rounds in Australia for a few years now, but after the release of their track "Do You Want My Love" they have blossomed. With their distinct look and musical versatility, these guys are destined for big things, and you're going to want to be in on it.

    3. Leisure Suite

    Melbourne duo, Bridgette and Mitch, create tunes similar to J Dilla and Flying Lotus, but with a special, Aussie touch. With Bridgette's emotionally fueled lyrics and Mitch's electronic production, there's no wonder they're superstars in their hometown. They're constantly releasing new music so it won't be too long before they bless us with a fully equipped album, filled with those melodies we can't get enough of.

    4. Camp Cope

    This female trio's self titled debut album explores feelings of shame and empathy that hits close to home. A sound that evokes tears of rage, Camp Cope have a raw intensity in their music that never seems to fade. If you love a strong guitar lead and heartfelt lyrics, then these women will be your cathartic emotional release.

    5. Habits

    They define their sound as "sad goth party jams" and that is exactly what they are. With spooky synths and misty bass tracks, Habits are the mum and dad to Melbourne's underground club scene. There is an intoxicating draw to their music, as if you're being transported to another planet. Both performers at heart, their live shows are full of quirky antics and fun dance offs, that will make you eternally jealous you didn't attend!

    6. Kllo

    Family duo Kllo have been making waves around the globe with their recent American tour. Members Chloe and Simon bring a layered mix of R&B vocals and electronic beats to create that irresistible sound. They continue to capture the hearts of new and old fans with their dreamy dance tunes. Their recent album, Backwater, has received glowing reviews, with 2017 shaping up to be one of their best years yet.

    7. Baro

    A young face with futuristic ambitions, Baro aka Baz Richie, is gaining a substantial following nationwide. The silly lyrics accompanied with zany noises in his music showcases his sense of humor and youthful appreciation of his work. After one listen you'll feel like you know him on some deeper level, even if it is just because he made you giggle.

    8. Good Morning

    Fun, funny, and full of classic tunes, Good Morning are like your best friends, who play music out of their garage. They embrace a grungy, rock pop vibe that brings memories of summer days spent at the beach, just hanging out. With similarities to Tame Impala, they're sure to bring this style of jamming back as a trendy pastime.

    9. Flowertruck

    A sweet band from Sydney, these guys sing about the experiences we all go through and make them beautiful. Such a good natured band you can't help but smile when you hear them, worth a listen on a rainy day to lift your spirits. Hamish, Charles, Sarah, and Will embody their beach babe appearance and put that into their music, to create these happy-go-lucky tracks.

    10. Tash Sultana

    After being founded on Triple J's Unearthed radio competition, this woman has been making headlines all over the world. Self identified as a "one woman band" Sultana brings an inspiring energy to her music where she can express herself freely and untamed. With multiple awards and tours under her belt she is making her way to the top, and she won't be stopping till she gets there.

    11. DMA'S

    Three boys coming together to make garage pop for the mere fun of it all, before they knew it they were national stars. DMA'S are a household name and a necessity at every BBQ. Their sound shares the vibe of Sticky Fingers but without the problematic antics. They've crept into a pocket of music that isn't going away anytime soon, so chuck them on a roadtrip playlist for a fun sing along.

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