Fulfilling His Request: The Art of Gregory Scott Slay
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2012

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Horsethief Beats, the posthumous album of Remy Zero's late drummer, Gregory Scott Slay, was released last year (via Communicating Vessels) by his former bandmate and close friend Jeffrey Cain. Since its release, friends and fellow artists have contributed to the album and Slay's memory by creating music videos for its tracks. Below, Cain provides insight for three of these videos.


    Records should be living things - not monuments built to slowly fade and crumble with time. Gregory and I always shared the belief that art should inspire rather that satisfy. So with the release of Gregory's record just after his passing, it was time for his music to speak - to find and to connect with kindred spirits.

    Horsethief Beats paints a distinct world of it's own, but I know Gregory would be just as fascinated to see what other visions might be born out of his original creation. "Keep It Secret" was made by a dear friend of ours named Petros. Gregory and I had worked with him years before, and we all seemed to create fluidly and without question. Petros dialed into the ceremonial, southern rhythms and suddenly a cast of characters were born in his living room where he filmed the video. The dancing eyeballed cigarettes doing cannonballs into the ashtray might be one of my favorite moments in film history. Petros understood Gregory's sense of humor and I believe he was guided by his unmistakable laugh throughout the process.

    "Keep It Secret"

    Kris Daw was a stranger to both Gregory and I, but the fellow Alabamian truly tapped into to the heart of this record. I never saw a single clip of "New Loop, Old Hope" until it was finished. I was truly stunned. I knew the amount of hours it must have taken him to film the stop-motion video; it was the kindest gift. It was a video Gregory would have been a fan of. It was totally inline with aesthetic.

    Now Kris Daw's newest creation, "And When She Speaks," allows Gregory's music to continue to travel, to live on, and to broadcast throughout this world.
    Gregory Slay left libraries of unreleased music behind, I feel honored to help other people discover his art and I look forward to watching it leave the nest.

    "And When She Speaks"

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