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    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2009

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    Is it November already? Last time I checked my Far-Side pull-away calender from 2002, I was distracted by this. Whoops! Now it's cold again! But who cares about the weather. We've made forty of these things? That is almost a years worth of weekly mixtapes? Oh wait, that makes a lot of sense. The mixtape is old! Luckily, we've got plenty of young peoples music! Like Hot Chip, King Khan and BBQ, and Real Estate.

    As the young people say, "ZOMG Mom and Dad went to Applebees! Twilight pizza party!" See you next week. -joe puglisi

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    1. Sin Fang Bous - "Clangour and Flutes" - Clangor
    You might recall we tagged Icelandic band Sin Fang Bous as one of the very best to blip across our radar this past CMJ. Now, give the glitchy, pop nuggets this band churn out a try for yourself. "Clangour and Flutes" is a bit of a romp, carving it's way into the consciousness with a heartbeat thump, slide flute glisses, boppy upbeat acoustic techniques, and light, airy vocal melodies. Have at it.

    2. "Beach Comber" - Real Estate - Real Estate
    From their self-titled debut to be released next on Woodsist Records, this tune from Real Estate is a real finger snapper, and is pretty exemplary of the tremendously addictive, lo-fi pop these New Jersey lads dish out. If you dig what you hear, there should be plenty of opportunities to catch this band in the weeks to come. They are currently on the road through the beginning of December.

    3. "A Grave In The Gravel" - James Husband - A Parallax I
    Like the spacier, second coming of the great Bob Pollard, James Husband busts out lo-fi, garage hits that come from a decidedly different place than the tunes he's spent 10 years creating as a part of Of Montreal. Here's a song about burying a dead doll on an odd ball date in a grave yard...which apparently isn't easy.

    4. "Games For Days" - Julian Plenti - Julian Plenti is...Skyscraper
    Julien Plenti aka Paul Banks aka lead singer of Interpol has been on my mind since this past weekend when a friend of mine showed me the oh so Paul Banks music video that accompanies this song. "Games For Days" is off of his first solo album Julian Plenti isSkyscraper that came out this past August, which sounds like a sort of Interpol superscript and a chance to hear the distilled viability of Banks beyond the band.

    5. "Shitty Little Disco" - ARMS - Kids Aflame
    For those of us still mourning the death of the pop-tastic Harlem Shakes, Todd Goldstien's solo venture ARMS has become synonymous with the healing process. When I first heard ARMS I figured it could Simply help lessen the blow, but it turns out, this is a horse of a completely different technicolor. "Shitty Little Disco" is a lo-fi rocker turned real cool by Goldstien's laissez-faire vocals, a darker cityscape, and some clever streamline progressions.

    6. "I'll Be Loving You" - The King Khan And BBQ Show - Invisible Girl
    With vocals as versatile as Eric Burdon and every rock n roll album from 1957 to 1965 consumed and internalized, the garage ready doo-wop rock of King Khan and Mark "BBQ" Sultan is as clever as it is fun. Off their new album "Invisible Girl", "Ill Be Loving You" boasts Khan's ironically altered crooning over that good old classic beat and some guitar riffs that now sound as Mark Sultan as they do vintage.

    7. "Kids (MGMT Cover)" - The Kooks
    In honor of MGMT being named one of the cover page "sounds of Brooklyn" by New York Mag, here is a cover song by sounds of the UK pop rockers The Kooks. "Kids" is definitely one of MGMT's best tunes off of their wonderful album Oracular Spectacular, and it's nifty to hear Luke Pritchard recreate the dazzle of MGMT's synth with some acoustic guitars.

    8. "Science Of Fear" - The Temper Trap - Conditions
    Aussie band The Temper Trap have been having a great couple of weeks. Great CMJ press and a record deal have put them in a position to be a huge band in 2010. With lead single "Sweet Disposition," featured prominently in the Zooey Deschanel flick Girls And Greeting Cards Are Awful 500 Days Of Summer, they have the potential to a big radio hit. But "Science Of Fear" is another great cut off Conditions that many haven't heard yet... and they should be listening.

    9. "Bend Your Body" - Toro Y Moi - Take It In
    Yeah, everyone will cry Passion Pit when discussing the work of Chaz Bundick, but just because they got famous first doesn't mean Toro Y Moi 'aint the good stuff. Bundick makes bedroom dreamsynth sound easy and catchy as hell with this cut, "Bend Your Body." He may be the best thing to come out of Columbia, SC since Waffle House.

    10. "Take It In" - Hot Chip - Take It In
    Hot Chip began to release details about their latest album Take It In last week, due out early in 2010. It will be their first studio release since 2007's Made In The Dark and although they are known to be a bit more poppy, first track "Take It In" may be a clue to a newer sound. Judge for yourself; the chips are down.

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