Roku Channel Re-Launch
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2012

    • Posted by: David Moffly

    Cord Cutters rejoice - we launched an entirely new Roku Channel last week for Baeblemusic. This newly redesigned channel is now clearly the best music-focused video channel on Roku. Trust us, we looked at everything else and no other channel measures up. So if you have a Roku, check out our new channel, if you don't have a Roku, run out and get one or visit to buy one for yourself this coming holiday season. The devices won't break the bank, the entry-level box starts at $50 and is super easy to set up and use.

    We love Roku in our office because it takes our programming to the place where it feels most at home which is on the TV in your living room. Hook up home theater speakers and you get the full benefit of our geekish focus on excellent audio.

    So what's new:

    - An entirely new home screen (think Netflix) that gives you immediate access to a large selection of our nearly 3,000 video collection.

    - We added Featured, Trending, and Newest sections to the Home Screen. With these sections you will quickly see the programming we are focusing on, what others are watching most and the latest additions to the collection.

    - In Concerts and Sessions you can now play specific songs from the entire setlist. If you love "Little Lion Man" from Mumford and Sons, you can now play this track over and over again without having to watch the entire concert.

    So in summary: in addition to joining us daily on the Web tune into our channel on Roku. We know you will love it!

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