possible white stripes reunion?
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2010

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    In a recent interview with Vanity Fair (not online, save for in picture form here), Jack White dropped a heavy hint about a possible White Stripes reunion. The past three years have seen the release of a live album, documentary, and a variety of merch of questionable value, not to mention several side projects, but apparently the Stripes "have gotten a lot of that out of [their] system" and are ready to "get back in the studio and start fresh". No specifics yet, but it was enough to turn White Stripes fans everywhere giddy with anticipation. As Antiquiet wisely points out, the timing is right given that Jack White's Raconteurs and Dead Weather bandmates are currently involved with their other projects.

    If you're a really hardcore White Stripes fan with money to burn, the whole purpose of the Vanity Fair interview was to promote a $500, limited-edition box set that includes a turntable, headphones, and the Stripes' first three albums on vinyl. It'll be available at Third Man Records' store in Nashville on December 1st, or for pre-order online. A Third Man Records set with just the turntable/headphones/etc. emblazoned with the Third Man logo will also be available for the same price in unlimited quantities. -peter menniti

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