show recap: peter bjorn and john with el perro del mar
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2009

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    Photography by Alex Salzberg and Genna Al Tai. Check out more photos from this show and others HERE.

    Sadly, Ikea is no longer Sweden's greatest export. Now, it's the efforts of such performers as Peter Bjorn and John and El Perro Del Mar that fuel the Swedish economy.

    All Swedish fish jokes aside, there was a whole lot of talent on the stage last Monday night at Webster Hall. After a North American tour last spring, the boys from Stockholm added some very eccentric touches to their already interesting performance. I wish I could give you an honest account of their performance back in May, but I really just don't remember a thing. The stage was jam packed, with acts that included The Suzan and Spank Rock (B-O-O-T-A-Y, you ain't got no alibi). The Suzan were everything you would expect from a Japanese girl band, which included a stellar bassist, matching outfits, and the very odd use of a duck whistle. Though, they were a rather odd choice amongst the mellowed out Swedish rockers, but I later found out Bjorn (Yttling) is producing them.

    To be frank, I thought seeing Peter Bjorn and John (sober) would have been quite a boring ordeal, but it was everything but that. They had the basics of every good three piece band with a lot of frills and thrills. Though at times Bjorn's voice could be a bit too much, they provided a quality live performance. They made sure to entertain everyone, whether it was with a couple rappers thrown on stage or with some very sassy high kicks. They performed their usual set list that included "Young Folks", "Amsterdam", and "Objects of my Affection". Their "Young Folks" performance was really upbeat and they had Sarah Assbring from El Perro Del Mar covering for Victoria Bergsman during their famous duet.

    Bringing some more Swedish flavor to Webster, El Perro Del Mar also opened for Peter Bjorn and John. Though I really couldn't understand which songs were which, Assbring was pretty energetic and did a good job for setting the mood. All in all, the Webster crowd may have been a little too rowdy for Sarah's delicate, breathy vocals. - Genna Al Tai

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