Happy Release Day Nathan Sykes! 'Unfinished Business' Out Now
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2016

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Nathan Sykes has come a long way. Since disbanding from boy group The Wanted, he has been working tirelessly on his debut solo album, Unfinished Business. He already won us over a while ago with hit singles "Over and Over Again" and "Give It Up" (ft. G-Eazy) and now, the whole project is finally here. 12 songs filled with husky vocals and slightly-jazzy-pop goodness. After dropping little tastes of the album, he finally delivered and exceeded expectations.

    From the first to last song, each track is filled with heart and soul. The newly-solo artist starts off the record with "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" which features amazing gospel vocals and a beat that is downright sexy (a sound that continues throughout many of his songs). Sykes seems to take a liking to trumpets and boy, does he know how to use them, having some in songs like "Kiss Me Quick," "Money," (a personal favorite) and "Taken." There is a perfect blend of fast, upbeat songs and ones that slow down. Plus he has some collaborations on there, one with G-Eazy ("Give It Up") and the other with Ariana Grande ("Over And Over Again"). It's a refreshing mix that won't allow you to ever get bored. His style for this album seems to be more on the jazzy side but then mixes it up by adding violins, like in the beginning of "I'll Remember You," which slightly leans towards the classical side. Because why not? This is his album, his time to show us what he's got and make his own creative decisions. And this is only the beginning.

    Watch Nathan Sykes perform and talk about Unfinished Business in our recent session:

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