Watch: Riff Raff Drops 'Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz'
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Aimee Curran

    There's no denying Riff Raff is of another kind. From his creepy styled facial hair to his grilled out mouth, crazy eyes, and DGAF attitude, he's nothing short of intimidating. While his step into the spotlight has been an slow build, he's already made a big mark in pop-culture history, and is now hoping to get a Nike sponsorship with is new video for, "Tip Toe Wing in My Jawwdinz."

    The song is kinda dumb, but the video is hilarious. Set up to look as though Raff is some sort of Game of Thrones meets Narnia Ice King. He sits in a chintzy looking throne with girls in white bikinis and fur singing about his shoes.

    The video cuts to some pretty sweet professional dancers showing off their moves in solo shots. All, of course, are wearing Jordans...oh sorry...Jawwdinz.

    Is it safe to say, Raff used his video budget to give Nike free advertising? Let's hope he got to keep the shoes.

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