Pharell Debuts New Music, Steals Show At Odd Future Festival
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Austin Price

    I imagine most of those attending the Odd Future Carnival Festival on Saturday weren't expecting the big showstoppers to come courtesy of a more mainstream rapper but then that seems fitting for a carnival with the name "odd future." Blame it on Pharell, though, who stole the show not once but twice. The first time came when he took the stage and premiered (admittedly via his cellphone) one of the tracks he's been working on with Gwen Stefani, a song called "Spark the Fire." Get a sneak peak below:

    Pharell's second major coup came when he joined Odd Future founder Tyler the Creator on stage to perform renditions of a number of old N.E.R.D. titles (N.E.R.D. being the old rap group Pharell once fronted). Who coulda guessed that Tyler was such a softy, or such a Pharell fan, that he'd break down in tears when performing alongside the man? I doubt too many would have believed it, but the videos below bear witness even better than these words.

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