Out And About: Rubblebucket At Stage 48
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    Last week Brooklyn-based somewhat-ska funk rockers with hella soul, Rubblebucket closed their longest most successful tour to date with a headlining show at NYC's Stage 48 in Hell's Kitchen. It. Was. Something. Else. This happened:

    They call it, the Flower Monster. Aww. This also happened:

    That's called the Crowd Orgy. Being packed under a low tent with a bunch of twenty somethings is actually far less sexually inspiring than you might think; but it's hella fun. The whole show is hella fun. If this gives you an idea I don't use the term "hella." I'm from New York. "Hella" is to California what "Wicked" is to Boston, both of which, to New York, are endearing identifiers or irritating abrasions depending on the weather. There is something, though, about Rubblebucket that kind of makes you start feel whatever sunny, fuck it, sort of feeling it is that inspires the adjective "hella." Which is extra weird, because as I said, this band is from Brooklyn.

    I assure you, a Rubblebucket concert is hella Brooklyn. Visual profiling: the band is an intensely energetic collective of art-school looking hipster creatives. Beyond simply playing a set, they put on a show. There are art projects left and right (the Flower Monster didn't make itself), and the theatrics are cleverly punctuating and directed in such a way that, while they're highly performative, they're also super organic. One second the band is spaz-rocking, and a moment later they're perfectly synchronized in a spurt of choreography.

    I suppose the real Brooklyn element is that the whole experience feels like a slightly more grown-up version of a Bushwick warehouse party. The well executed costumes and choreography still smack of DIY, but executed with a little bit more funding than your work-study income. Even the crowd were a slightly more adult group of party monsters. A few suits with beers instead of ties, your classic skater hipsters, with a little less obscurity to their T-shirts, girls dressed in the more mature Urban Outfitters company Anthropologie, and neatly brushed man buns populated the crowd. What is a well managed, better financed, Bushwick warehouse party like? Everything that molly made McKibbin loft parties feel like in college: wild, creative, pits where momentary friendships were formed over the bonds of productive intoxication.

    Check out our photo coverage of the concert, and stay tuned for our exclusive video footage of the night's epic show: credit: Mark Brown B51 Photography

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