Now Playing: Lights' Glitzy Gig In Times Square
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    If you only knew what we went through to bring you our latest video from the front row. Creepy mascots, tighty-whitey cowboys, overly-aggressive questions about whether we like stand-up comedy, and of course, the hordes of clueless tourists (bless their heart), guide book in one hand, selfie stick in the other, pulled like mosquitos by the bright lights of Times Square, inadvertently into traffic speeding down Broadway. It was exhausting.

    Once hunkered down in the glitzy digs of The Hard Rock Cafe it was all magic though. For the last 15 years the internationally renowned burger chain has teamed up with celebs to help raise money and awareness as part of Hard Rock's breast cancer research fundraiser, Pinktober. On this particular early autumn evening, that meant an intimate and swanky performance by Canadian electropop superstar, Lights.

    In our newest concert capture, Lights delights with a handful of scrumptious jams from her dazzling new album, Little Machines. Through the crack of the snare, the kick of the bass, and electronic skirmishes firing about, Lights beams...a true beacon of delectable pop, with plenty of sing-a-long opportunities to boot.

    It was enough to warm our hardened, cynical, Times Square fearing New York hearts. Lucky for you this amazing show can now be had without the trip through NYC's most manic neighborhood.

    Lights delights with a glitzy performance of scrumptious jams from her dazzling new album, Little Machines.

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