Cut Copy Free Your Mind
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2013

    • Posted by: Cassedy Banks

    Acid house group Cut Copy is at it again with another electro-psych dance record Free Your Mind. The Australian band's fourth album encourages listeners to do just that, as the 14 tracks produce sounds that at times seem to enter other dimensions. Free Your Mind is a fun, synth driven album that stands comfortably among other 80s-inspired bands out today, but maybe that's the problem.

    Coming after their 2011 album Zonoscope, which won Best Dance Release in Australia and was Grammy-nominated, Free Your Mind did not entirely move forward but instead somewhat sideways. There's no doubt the album is charming, but it seems like it could be so much more; it's catchy and upbeat, yet fails to expand beyond repetitive beats and flat lyrics. Although, I will give the band credit for taking an outside-the-box approach to promoting the album - instead of letting fans hear pre-releases through the Internet the band forced "real-world scenarios" by setting up 6 billboards around the world where listeners could tune in through their smart phone.

    Title track "Free Your Mind" is one of the catchiest on the album, and "Let Me Show You Love" gets down and funky with echoing electronic effects. As the record was starting to blend into one homogeneous mind-bending noise, "Take Me Higher" offers a slight alternative that allows you to take a deep breath and float happily through space.

    Melbourne's underground dance scene as well as the two Summers of Love (San Fran 1967, London 1988), which not surprisingly involved LSD, rave dances, and free spirited flower children, were all influences for frontman Dan Whitford in the development of Free Your Mind. Whitford was fascinated by the subcultures found within dance music when he started DJing in Melbourne after the Zonoscope tour and had soon created songs akin to the drug-infused sounds of the Summer of Love. Despite staying on the safe side, Free Your Mind is entertaining nonetheless and stays true to Cut Copy's signature futuristic style.

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