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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2010

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    "I came here to say that I made mistakes, that I've grown as a person, that it's not as easy as boxing a person into a villain role or into a race role". - Kanye West

    Kanye West had a few near-forced things to say about his faux-pas with George W. Bush and the race card. Although he is obviously a crazy person, I for one empathize with Mr. West, who clearly feels some remorse for his actions and clearly wants to put it all behind him and fly private jets to Dubai to infuriate popular internet comedians. I mean, come on guys. You've heard the tracks, you've seen the Twitter. Kanye West is a great musician who will be changing the way we look at the rap album. But he is also a real, emotional person. That is what makes him interesting. No one is perfect. Can you imagine if Kanye was just like your accountant or something? We would not be bumping to "Jesus Walks", that's for sure. Let him be weird.

    Of course don't exploit that either. Matt Lauer tried.

    The interview:

    Calm down, Matt Lauer. I know you need ratings and old people want to see young people cry at 6AM but seriously? Showing Kanye footage of poor GW's face while discussing the whole thing is just mean. Kanye spent a few years and AN ALBUM'S WORTH OF SAD SOUNDING THINGS trying to move on from this whole ordeal and now Bush wants to talk about it to sell some books? Oy. Double-oy for Matt Lauer's "I understand" face. Shut up Matt Lauer. Don't get testy with Kanye. He isn't Ann Coulter.

    I know Kanye went a little nutso on Twitter but whatever. That is what Twitter is for. And poor Ye looks so uncomfortable when he asks for silence in the back. I get that he deserves to own up to his very public mistakes but in a lot of ways I think he already has, to the best of his abilities as a celebrity who is famous for making art.

    If anything it's pointless to try and put him up on the cross, he doesn't belong there, even if he does enjoy the idea of the sword of Damocles coming down on his head. To date he has done nothing but try to be himself, create for his fans, and stay out of the way of incidents like this. I know the public enjoys a good scrutinizing, just look at our political climate. But let's leave Kanye West alone. He's just a famous person. No? Maybe?

    Something tells me this conversation is far from over. -joe puglisi

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