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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2010

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    Lovers has been the voice of Portland, OR based singer-songwriter Carolyn Berk since 2001, but in their latest incarnation as a "full-on synth-driven pop group" (Portland's Willamette Week), they seem set to finally break out.

    Their latest album, Dark Light, features Berk backed by synth programmer Kerby Ferris and percussionist Emily Kingan on a set of excellent synth-pop tunes. The tracks are given life by Berk's lyrical genius, but the almost entirely programmed tracks are solid as well, with chimy countermelodies, washy pads and gritty basslines. Most of the tunes are streaming on the group's Myspace (link below) and are well worth a listen.

    Dark Light is out now on Badman Recording Co. If you like what you are hearing, you can check the band on their US tour, which is currently in full swing and lasts for the remainder of the month. It looks like they're still searching for bookings in a few cities, too (see TBA dates) - if you have the means to do so, this could be your chance to book a seriously cool up-and-comer. -peter menniti

    Lovers on Tour

    11/9 - Tea Bazaar, Charlottesville, VA
    11/10 - Green Line Cafe, Philadelphia, PA
    11/11 - Cake Shop, New York, NY
    11/12 - Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY
    11/13 - AS220, Providence, RI
    11/14 - Great Scott, Allston, MA
    11/15 - TBA, Someplace, Western MA
    11/16 - Sully's Pub, Rochester, NY
    11/17 - Rancho, Chicago, IL
    11/18 - Outland Ballroom, Springfield, MO
    11/19 - The Studded Bird, Kansas City, MO
    11/20 - TBA, Denver or Boulder, CO
    11/21 - Kilby Court, Salt Lake City, UT

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    Lovers Official Website
    Lovers on Myspace

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