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    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2010

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    Before we filmed them at Rockwood Music Hall, brother-sister duo Angus and Julia Stone took a break from their four-year success as a band to each work on a solo record. Both bare a resemblance to their folk tendencies, but each is a concentrated dose of its front-person, a nice look into what makes each of these two tick. We've got a song from each to check out after the jump.

    Julia worked under her own name and produced a quiet, contemplative record called The Memory Machine. Julia not only provided vocals and guitar, but also piano, bass, ukulele and percussion, demonstrating her versatility as a musician. "This Love" deals mostly with relationship jargon, but it's not the giddy kind. It's a slow crawler with a foreboding back, the best kind of confused love song. Check it out.

    Angus on the other hand took a darker, grittier turn with his project Smoking Gun, working under the name Lady Of The Sunshine and co-producing with 'Finn' (Govinda Doyle - who also plays drums and bass on the album). The songs hit harder and are a bit more introspective than the A+JS stuff, at least from an Angus perspective. This meat is tough.

    Both releases are out now. Purchase Julia Stone's The Memory Machine here and Lady Of The Sunshine's Smoking Gun here.

    Their live session from our Rockwood shoots will hit the site later today. -joe puglisi

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