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    • WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2009

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    From one of the great minds behind Menomena, Ramona Falls is Brent Knopf's inaugural solo venture. Like the aforementioned, Knopf's personal project mimics the same kind of melodrama that made songs like "Wet and Rustling" and "Rotten Hell" such a treat. Look no further than first single "I Say Fever", and the stylish new video that accompanies it.

    Directed by award winning animator Stefan Nadelman, the video tells the devilish tale of an old west town where things aren't always exactly as they seem at surface level . What begins with one woman's sickly kiss quickly reveals the inner, animal instincts of the stories' cast of characters.

    See this and many other videos HERE

    Romona Falls' debut album Intuit is out now on Barsuk Records.

    Per the Ramona Falls PR machine:
    "For the Ramona Falls project, named after a childhood hiking trail on Mt. Hood, Brent collaborated extensively with musicians in Portland and New York. He has a cat, a raging chocolate addiction, and a penchant for weaving acoustic and electronic sounds into songs that feel at once real and surreal."

    Portland OR inhabitants are those who can count themselves lucky, as Brent has two shows currently scheduled. - David Pitz

    Ramona Falls Show Dates:

    Nov 21 - Brent Solo Acoustic - Portland, Oregon
    Nov 28 - Crystal Ballroom - Portland, Oregon

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    MP3: Ramona Falls:: "I Say Fever" - From Intuit
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