Lights Plays All Of The Goodies at Samsung 837 in New York
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Last night, Canadian electro-pop songstress goddess Lights made a stop at Samsung 837 in the Meatpacking District to play a couple of her best songs. Seriously, she whipped out some gems.

    "From All Sides" was one of the first songs she played, which surprised me since it acted as a B-side off her 2014 record, Little Machines. The crowd was screaming along nonetheless, since it is one of her best tracks. Speaking of the crowd, because it was a free event at a more intimate venue (the small stage was located at the bottom of the floor, with the audience's seats rising on top), each member of the crowd was a bonafide Lights fan. During a break in between songs, Lights took the time to collect some gifts from fans. One fan in the front row gave her jewelry, while another fan gave her a full blown care package. Yep, a huge grocery bag stocked with bananas, chocolates, and other tasty treats that naturally, every touring musician needs to keep them fueled while on the road. Now that I know that being a successful musician not only earns you tons of money but also free food, I may have to seriously start reconsidering my career paths!

    lights samsung 837

    Lights looked stunning in her usual get up of skinny black jeans, combat boots, and a tank top. While rocking the bright red dye job, she looked like a comic book character, if the character was to come to life. That's what she was going for, too, since her latest excellent album Skin & Earth also came along with a comic book series, created by the multi-talented artist herself.

    lights samsung 837

    The set played between a nice balance of her two latest official albums, Skin & Earth and Little Machines. She played the angry guitar-driven song "Savage," which she said was written from the perspective of her comic character, and that no one knows what it's actually about. She also sang The Weeknd-tinged "New Fears," the danceable "Skydiving," the catchy "Same Sea," every insomniac's anthem "Moonshine," and of course, ended the night on her most energetic, uplifting song to date, "Up We Go."

    Lights has a bunch of shows coming up -- a few in December, and then a full tour begins around late January. Tickets here.

    lights samsung 837

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