Empire Of The Sun Excels With New EP 'On Our Way Home'
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Maddie Brown

    What happens when you mix hazy alt-rock and lush electronica together? You get Empire Of The Sun, the Australian duo that just released their EP On Our Way Home today. With only five tracks, the EP highlights their unique ability to incorporate a vast sonic template while still retaining their own signature sound.

    Formed in 2007 by Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore, the duo has released three studio albums, with the most recent Two Vines, released last year. With eclectic sounds fused with 70s and 80s nods, they embrace an exuberance apparent with extremely dramatic costumes that look like a mash-up of David Bowie, Star Wars, and vintage Lady Gaga. Yet their EP is level-headed; it's imaginative and innovative without superfluous theatrics or migraine-inducing headbangers. It spills with nostalgia and futurism.

    On Our Way Home is a fifteen minute compilation of those familiar alt-rock and synth blends. The title track is the most pulsating; full of throbbing beats, ambient sounds, and dancey vibes. Repeated lyrics "Oh this is where we...oh this is where we...oh this is where we begin," are sung over a club-driven loop, creating a catchy track bristling with subtle euphoria.

    "Way To Go" makes up over half of the EP, playing once in its bare bones and twice remixed. It feels more straight-ahead and less shiny than "On Our Way Home," which helps establish a solid adaptability for its remixes (the music video is super psychedelic). "Way To Go (Cornelius Mix)" features some glittery percussion, while "Way To Go" (Gomez & Tritter Remix) ripples with echoey vocal effects trickling with melancholia. "Two Leaves" features percussive sounds that actually sound like leaves rustling. It has orchestral hints, an element sprinkled in past work such as "Lux" off of their sophomore album Ice on the Dune. But while "Lux" sounds like an expedition to outer-space, "Two Leaves" sounds like an expedition to the forest.

    All in all, On Our Way Home beams with versatile sounds that will have you simultaneously calm and hyped. They managed to pack a lot into a short time span, making for an impressive and multi-dimensional record.

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