AWOLNATION Drops A Blockbuster Music Video For 'Passion'
    • FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2017

    • Posted by: Chris Deverell

    AWOLNATION released a new video for their track "Passion" today, and I'm really excited because I'm hoping that once and for all, it will make people stop talking about "Sail". Don't get me wrong, "Sail" is a great track, but I think it definitely has overshadowed the rest of AWOLNATION's body of work, which is incredible on its own merit.

    "Passion" was the first single released off the upcoming Here Come The Runts. Even though the track has been out for a little bit, it's definitely worth revisiting again and again, especially in conjunction with the new video.

    "Passion" is a beautifully shot narrative following disabled Brazilian skateboarder Og De Souza around his hometown of Recife, Brazil. Even though his legs don't function, De Souza uses his arm strength and burning desire to skate better than half the kids you'll see at the skatepark these days. Along with the track's distortion-laden guitar riffs and energizing vocals, the video plays out like a Michael Bay action blockbuster set to the eternal summer vibes of the Brazilian seaside town.

    In a statement issued when the track first dropped, one-man band Aaron Bruno said, "When all else is taken away, as long as your passion remains, anything is still possible". It's clear watching the video that for De Souza, there's no limitations for him or challenges he can't overcome with his passion for life.

    AWOLNATION's Here Come The Runts is expected to be released February 2.

    Watch our exclusive interview with AWOLNATION:

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