Newfound Love For Pop: Sad13's Exploratory Debut Album 'Slugger'
    • THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2016

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    RATING: 4/5

    Axe-throwin', word-spittin' Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz has finally stepped out of her comfort zone with her new solo project, Sad 13. Under this project, she is set to release her debut album Slugger tomorrow, November 11th.

    Although some songs, like "Line Up" and "Hype," stay true to Speedy Otriz's sound and will undoubtedly please day one fans, most songs stray from their garage rock beginnings and look more into the future with synths-galore and pop sensibility. The drum machines are new, but Dupuis' cheeky songwriting style is still there. Each track is jam-packed with poetry -- if one more word was added, it could dangerously flirt with rap territory.

    The lyrics on the anthem about consent "Get A Yes" make it a must-listen. "I say yes to the dress when I put it on / I say yes if I want you to take it off / I say yes for your touch when I need your touch." The lyrics paired with the bouncy beat make for an indie pop dream. "The Sting" offers up another taste of catchy goodness and a pleasant blend of pop and rock. "Devil In U" has a darker vibe as Dupuis sings about being trapped in an unhealthy relationship.

    Between Dupuis' skillful singing, playing, and writing, almost every song on the record is gold. However, one aspect that doesn't shine nearly as much is the production. It seems to be deliberately on the lo-fi side, but sometimes it gets a little too muddy. Everything meshes together, which is usually okay for garage rock, but when exploring pop and incorporating more electronics, it would be nice to have a slightly glossier feel. The songs tend to sound like rough Postal Service demos at times, but luckily, the lyrics save the day. The good thing about the production is it gives the songs a much more real, authentic feel.

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