Foals' 5 Most Cinematic Tracks
    • TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2015

    • Posted by: Vince Brigante

    So here at Baeble, we've been really trying to look down our musical microscopes and examine what's new, and what's next. And if there's one band that is next (despite being around long enough to feel like indie mainstays) it's Foals. Foals is four piece from Oxford, England. Since their formation, they have put our four studio albums, one extended play, and had a handful of singles. So with their first album Antidotes almost automatically making it as a constant play-through album for my car for years, I decided to dig in a bit. From this, I realized: "Holy shit, these guys are really cinematic." In honor of their most recent record, What Went Down, we've put together a list with a song from each of their records that we find to be movie quality. Foals: The English Motion Picture...Would you go see it? Spoiler alert: we would.

    "Spanish Sahara" - Total Life Forever

    This is the moment when you're amidst sand and shrapnel flying, bullets blazing past your head. Yet, you stand still as a statue. It's quiet in your head. You don't want this anymore; what are you even fighting for? Your buddy grabs you and pulls you down: "What are you doing?! Do you have a deathwish?!" But all you can see is your family, your mother, your wife. Rounds continue to be fired, and after trying, you still can't seem to muster up any movement. All you want, is to go home.

    "Late Night" - Holy Fire

    Look into the mirror and leave it all behind. All the blood, the dirty money; press harder on the pedal of your Audi. What went wrong? Everything had been meticulously worked, and re-worked, and re-worked again. Get in, get out: that was the plan. You had that casino in your slightly greased palms, but are now clammy and you hope your face isn't caught on any cameras. Your babe, your partner...You left them in the dust. But, hey, it was a gamble for them too, right?

    "Mountain At My Gates" - What Went Down

    Think Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool Aid Acid Test but less trippy. Nights spent drinking dark liquor around a fire, dancing, pretending you're from Where The Wild Things Are. Looking at the brunette slowly pull her top up from the bottom, and throw it at you, as the loud (and freezing cold) ocean calls the both of you in the background. You both know you're going in, and to warm up you'll just stare into each other's eyes. It's been two weeks -- you, and your pals and gals haven't stopped moving in the big ole Explorer. But you're young, and it's fun; it's love.

    4) "Big Big Love (Fig. 2)" from Antidotes

    All you see is white lights. What happened? Where are you? The sides of your body are bruised, and you see red all over your clothes. All you want to do is get up; you want to move. It hurts to try to think about it. "Do you want to come to me?" The voice continues, "Do you think you're ready?" You start to pull towards him, in a midst of the fluorescent white.. (Que 3:10 of the song) but then you feel surges through your body. Images of people hovering over you in medical coats infiltrate past your eyelids, and the light and the voice disappear

    And for good measure is a clip from their DVD Foals: Live at the Royal Albert Hall where, they sort of have created a mini-movie for us. Looks like they've saved you guys from more of my cinematic imagination..

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